Ways of using carbon

The use of an element and its derivatives is as extensive as their number. The carbon content in a person’s life is greater than it may seem.

Activated charcoal from the pharmacy is the 6th substance. A diamond in a ring from a jewelry store – it’s the same.

Graphite in pencils is also carbon, which is also necessary in nuclear reactors and contacts of electric machines.

Methane fuel is also on the list. Carbon dioxide is needed for the production of soda and can be dry ice, that is, a refrigerant.

Carbon dioxide serves as a preservative, filling vegetable stores, and more, is needed to produce carbonates.

The latter are used in construction, for example, limestone. And sodium carbonate comes in handy in soap making and glass production.

The carbon formula also corresponds to coke. He is useful metallurgists.

Coke serves as a reducing agent during the remelting of ore, extraction of metals from it.

Even ordinary carbon black is used as a fertilizer and a filler of rubbers.

Have not thought why car tires are black? It’s soot. It gives the rubber strength.

Soot, also, is included in shoe polish, printing inks, mascara. The popular name is not always used. Industrialists call soot carbon black.

The mass of carbon begins to be used in the field of nanotechnology. Made ultra-small transistors, and still tubes, which are 6-7 times stronger than steel.

Here you and the non-metal. By naught, scientists from China have joined the research. Of carbon pipes and graphene, they created an airgel.

It is a solid and durable material. It sounds weighty. But, in fact, the airgel is lighter than air.

In iron, carbon is added to produce so-called carbon steel. It is firmer than usual.

However, the mass fraction of the 6th element in the alloy should not exceed a couple, three percent. Otherwise, the properties began to decline.